Top 5 First-Person Shooter Multiplayer Maps to Skateboard On

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5 min readNov 12, 2021

If you’re creative enough, then you can honestly skateboard anywhere. That is part of the joy of the sport—yes, it is a sport even though I see it as more of an art form. Street skating is finding joy, challenge, and pain in places that weren’t designed with skateboarding in mind. From plazas to business centers and beyond, skaters always find a way. From manual pads in public parks to handrails and benches at schools, skaters will definitely find a way. So who says you couldn’t skate in a virtual combat zone? Some Call of Duty maps have killer ledges and, like, 90% of Battlefield’s urban maps feature plazas that look like skate heaven. Look, I’m doing the (skate) lord’s work here. The work that no one asked for or probably wants. Without further ado and in no particular order, here are the 5 best multiplayer FPS maps to skate on.

Kaleidoscope in Battlefield 2042

Disregard the weird future gun.

Just…just…just look at all that goodness. Bowls, stairs, handrails, ledges, and more. Battlefield 2042 makes the future look like hell, but this looks like street skater heaven. Those bowl things, or whatever they are, look like a skater’s dream. I mean, personally speaking, they look like a blast and I’d love nothing more to carve through one and to find out if the lips of the bowls are slash grindable. But also look at those hubbas and semi-steep banks in the upper right-hand corner of the screenshot. Kickflipping into them, manualing down them, manualing up them, just pick your poison. This map’s got it all. Let’s lay down our weapons and come to a peaceful agreement. Toss those carbine rifles and hand grenades aside, grab the skateboards and some wax (but not too much wax), and reunite to absolutely destroy this whole park/business center because in this fictional world, whatever bank or megacorp that owned it is probably dead. Good riddance. Dice, quit messing around and drop Skaterfield 2042. Everyone (no one) is asking for it!

Lockdown in Halo 2

The Arbiter must’ve had a mean kickflip.

I don’t know much about Halo lore beyond the games themselves so I’m going to assume that this map is of Covenant design, and thus it is canon that Elites and Grunts must be amazing skaters if their technocracy’s designs look like this. That gap, those perfectly sized ledges (just don’t slip out in the wrong direction if you bail), and all of that metal ground seems smooth enough. Ledges, a gap, and some flat ground. We’ve got ourselves a nice little mini-plaza here. Master Chief and the Covenant should sort out their differences in a game of SKATE here. Master Chief will win but only because he does a pressure flip. He seems like the type.

Arena (UGC) in Quake III

This user-generated map is built for stunt skaters.

Stunt skaters. You know the type, your Pedro Delfino’s and Dustin Dollin’s of the world who just always seem to be tossing themselves down huge sets of stairs and off of ridiculous ledges. Well here’s a map meant for y’all. Multiple sets of gnarly stairs, big gaps, and ledges to FS 360 off of, what more could you ask for? Knees that aren’t always sore? Well, this map can’t solve that, but flick a kickflip over one of those gaps and you’ll be riding that high for days. Just watch out for stray rockets.

Plaza in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Put the gun down and mall grab a board, soldier.

Of course, a map literally called “Plaza” would make it onto this list. Why do skaters flock to Europe besides chiller vibes and lenient drinking in public policies? Plazas. Plazas all over the world have come to be known as skate meccas. Just look at Macba in Barcelona and Stalin Plaza in Prague. When not riddled with future soldiers and endless tracer fire, Plaza has all the trappings of a skateboarding hotspot. Ledges, stair sets, hubbas, manual pads, flat ground, and more. Just take the picture above for example, on the left we’ve got a little stair set with a mini-ledge going down it that’s just begging to be tail/nose slid or 50–50ed. In the middle, there’s a high ledge that those who’ve been gifted with staggering pop could nose slide or pinch into an absurdly high front crook. And then there’s all the flat ground—hone your skills, play S.K.A.T.E. with friends, tip over a trash can, and start ollieing over it. No one’s going to stop you. Just don’t be there when a match of Kill Confirmed starts…unless you convince the soldiers to start playing Trick Confirmed, hey-o.

Archives in 007: Goldeneye

Yeah, I know this is a Goldeneye Source screenshot but all the N64 screenshots are in 4:3, relax.

Archives, what a map. And it is indoors so inclement weather won’t get in the way of some skating! I mainly chose it due to what you see above. Push the stuff off of those tables and you’ve got a wide-open room with smooth flat ground and some high manual pads to really test your mettle. Or wax the shit out of the wood and see if it grinds. A guy in a tuxedo might show up with a suppressed handgun and be misogynistic for a second, but besides that, Archives is a little slice of skater heaven. The map being covered from the elements really can’t be overstated enough. Rain, sleet, snow, none of that matters. You can skate here no matter the weather, but really, those tables look high so if you’re going to try and manual on them, just be sure to commit. And for the love of God, break two legs off of one of the tables to create a makeshift bank or ramp. You’ll have fun. No one will care, there’s a British guy running around in a suit shooting everyone who would care anyway. So do you, but remember, seriously, if you’re going to skate over or onto high obstacles, just commit.